Our Barrels are compatible for use in the cosmetics industry for not only storing raw ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of finished goods but also for storing of finished products if needed. The barrels are non-reactive to all chemical and organic compounds thereby making them safe for use in the cosmetic industry. Since the containers are designed to be resistant against hard falls and accidental drops, the risk of a barrel cracking after a drop and spilling the content within are negligible.

Chemicals and Fertilizers

The fertilizer and chemical processing industry also prefer using our barrels for storing both finished and raw materials. Our range of immediate bulk containers is ideal when it comes to both storage and transportation of solid/liquid goods. The barrels are made to last and remain operational for years to come. Whether it’s the sharp jolts of the railroads/truck transportation or the constant rocking of the seas, MS barrels can stand it all!


Pharmaceutical products are mere delicate combinations of both organic and inorganic compounds that results in the creation of both lifesaving and generic drugs. It is a known fact that storing such delicate products is a feat that is hard in its own measures. MS barrels makes sure that the barrels we provide are chemically inert to all organic and inorganic chemicals making them safe for both storage and transportation of finished/raw goods in the pharmaceutical industry.

Food & Beverages

Our barrels are chemically inert which means it can be used in the storage of food and beverages without the risk of the barrel contaminating the edible goods stored and transported using the same. Our Intermediate Bulk Containers are most sought after for storage and transportation of liquids, granulated goods and powdered food/syrups.

Granular Plastics

Our customers use our Intermediate Bulk Containers for the storage and transportation of commodities and raw material used in industrial production. Our barrels are made to be tamper proof, to begin with, which ensures that important industrial raw materials like plastic granules are kept safe from theft and adulteration during storage and transport.