Contemporary Aesthetics with Innovative and Efficient Features

The intermediate bulk containers from Pyramid Technoplast Private Ltds are made to be used over and over again and to deliver the performance required in industrial environments. We use industrial grade, high-density polyethylene to manufacture our barrels that deliver enhanced durability and value for money to our customers. Our barrels are corrosion-resistance, environment-friendly and safe for both domestic and industrial use.

Modular Design

The barrels manufactured by Pyramid Technoplast Private Ltds are known for their modular design that has a storage capacity of 100 liters. The galvanized tubular cage ensures extreme resistance and superior stability. Top bars and protective features are added to the design to prevent bulging in the top.

Loaded With Features

  • Easy discharge of liquid from the container
  • High-quality screw type valves
  • Fitted with safety exhaust valve for safe transportation of products
  • Composite modular design that helps in easy maintenance
  • Can be stacked on one over the other and mounted on a pallet using a forklift
  • Maintenance free and resistant to the elements
  • Chemically inert thereby incidents of contamination of the content stored within are nullified
  • 6” vented lids backed with top opening feature
  • Corner protectors that protect the bottom side of the barrel
  • Option to be fitted with valves or faucets at the base for easy emptying of the content stored within
  • Are fitted with top-opening lids, safety pressure release valves and gaskets for added safety
  • Designed to handle high pressure and generic wear and tear that comes with machine handling
  • Equipped with labeling surfaces and marking plates
  • Fiber-reinforced dust caps
  • Long lasting gaskets, valves, vents
  • Compliance with all international industrial standards and regulations