At Pyramid Technoplast Pvt Ltd, we offer cost-efficient and technologically sound storage and transportation solutions in the form of barrels that finds extensive use in the sectors of:

  • Industrial
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing industries

Our barrels are capable of storing and transporting both liquid and solid raw/finished goods seamlessly without the hazard of the same leaching into the material stored within and contaminating the same. The barrels are equipped with the means to be emptied from both its sides and the center. Multiple outlets mean less wastage of product during emptying processes.

Sturdy Construction & Reliable Quality

Our barrels are known for their sturdy construction and their enhanced reliability factor. Our barrels are compatible with a wide variety of chemicals making them safe for transporting and storing chemical raw materials and finished goods safely. We go the extra mile and obtain chemical compatibility information for both the tank and its gaskets before we shake hands with our clients thereby confirming an order.

Impressive Operational Life

We thoroughly test our barrels using air-testing method that allows us to ensure that each barrel is leak proof. The barrels in the sock are periodically tested for leaks by our experienced team of quality assurance executives that ensures consistency in quality is maintained in all our products.

Improvement & Adaptation of Current Technology

MS barrels believes in change and adaptability. We make sure that both our infrastructure and our manufacturing unit is in-sync with the latest technologies. It allows us to fabricate barrels that are double-walled which makes them capable of both storing and transporting hazardous/flammable material with ease. We have a wide range of products that allow our customers to have a wide palette when it comes to choosing the right product as per their needs.